John M. McGinty, FAIA

 Forensic Architectural Expert and Arbitrator

The Parthenon, designed by Iktinos and and Kallikrates in the 5th Century BC, is considered by many architects to be the most perfect building ever built. However, on the 27th of September, 1687, mortar shells from Venetian invaders landed on the building, which was being used as a gunpowder depot by the Ottoman Turks who were occupying Athens at the time. The roof was blown off and has leaked ever since.

John M. McGinty, FAIA is a Former President of the American Institute of Architects with over 50 years experience in the practice of architecture. He has led an award-winning design firm, taught architectural design at the University level and established one of the first forensic consulting firms in the U.S. specializing exclusively in architecture and the construction delivery process.

His clients have included building owners, design professionals, constructors and sureties. He has worked with many of the leading construction law firms across the country and has testified in state and federal courts, arbitration hearings and on three occasions, before the United States Congress.

Mr. McGinty is now offering his services as an expert consultant on significant architectural projects involving challenging professional issues.

Information regarding rates and terms of engagement as well as professional references in the legal and construction industry are available on request to pre-qualified individuals.

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John M. McGinty, FAIA
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